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We offer our knowledge of Mexico with our QUALITY product line and our experience in packing  and shipping pottery.  We only used RECYCLED packing material and boxes, and guarantee that your shipment will arrive without damages - or your money back.  The majority of our orders are shipped via a national carrier and securely boxed, labeled, and loaded on pallets. 

Our shipping rates are some of the best in the business.  Our minimum is $750.  We ship via pallets on national carriers throughout the continental United States.


For orders in between $750-$1,199, the rate is 18% 

For orders in between $1,200 - $1,999, the rate is 15%

For orders over $2000, the rate is 12%

Extra shipping charges may incur for requests for appointments and liftgates, and for delivery to residential, remote, or limited access areas.

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Talavera Rabbit Planter


Bring your customers the Color and Life of Mexico! 

Planters, Garden Art, and more... for both the Home and Garden!

Terra Cotta Elephant Planter
Medium Talavera Owl Planter
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Garden Wholesale Pottery & Talavera Pottery

Our business has changed since 1998, and our experience and knowledge of Mexican Pottery cannot be understated.  After travelling throughout the country, and learning about all the Mexican Art, Pottery, Glass, Ceramics, Iron, and many of the artistic treasures that lays hidden within Mexico, we have developed our business and found the Garden Pottery Collections that we still carry today. Our focus is mainly Wholesale Talavera Pottery, Natural Garden Pottery and other Home Décor, and we offer our collections to Garden Centers and Nurseries.  

We have established strong, personal relationships with our suppliers, and work together to achieve lasting success for us both.  For all of our merchandise, our continued focus is on quality pottery - consistent and durable, well painted and finished - with attention to detail.  We visit our suppliers personally every year, to discuss and plan the coming year's merchandise selections.  We operate in Mexico without contracts, and have wired thousands of dollars to Mexico without losing a penny. Business is personal, and that's the way we like it!! 


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